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26 Dec 2016

What Are The Reasons For Increase In Weight (Urdu Video)

What are the reasons for increase or gain in weight. Following is Youtube video in Urdu which will tells why women's weight incease rapidly. Such women have many complex health issues. One of them is this, such women will not able to be pregnant. Check out more about this in following video.

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22 Dec 2016

Best Home Remedies For Hair Treatment With Guava Leaves

Are you facing hair falling problem and looking for its solution? This article will guide to about how to treat hair with guava leaves and make them more strong, shining and long. Guava leaves have amazing ability for hair growth naturally. You do not need transplant, surgery or heavy medicines, by using some natural methods you can regrowth hair. Baldness is serious issues. Men who suffering baldness face difficulties in meetings with colleagues and in company of friends.Finally a method that will be helpful for all such men and women who are facing baldness, hair lose or falling problem.
Scientists had shown that guava leaves are very beneficial for hair. Scientists said that regular use of guava leaves can cure from baldness and also regrowth new hair. Now question is this how to use them. Method is very easy. Take plenty leaves of guava. Boil these leaves with enough water for 20 minutes. After boiling water, wait until water comes back to normal temperature. Wash your hair with this boiled water. After 2 3 hours take a bath. This is very simple and natural method which will work amazing for anyone. Guava leaves have some important vitamins which can help in hair growth.
Following is video in Urdu language to understand it more better. Share post if you like.

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13 Dec 2016

Two Faces Child Born In Rawalpindi

Two faces child born in Rawalpindi Dailymotion video.
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5 Jun 2016

Watch How Salt Effect High Blood Pressure

Food is tasteless without Salt but it  can effect your health if you are facing high blood pressure problem. Doctor also recommend to avoid from salt or use it in very low quantity. If doctor asked his patient to avoid from some thing then patient will more willing to do and it is human nature. Salt is one of the basic things in our life and plays an important role in food but as a patient you need to understand situation and avoid from it. Many persons consider that Chinese salt is a good alternative. They are right to a limit but this also contain harmful materials in it for patients. Best alternative of salt is Sea Vegetables that contain salted taste in it and use pepper salt as it is healthy and taste.

Read following detailed article in urdu :
Salt Effect High Blood Pressure

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