16 Jan 2017

Are Mahira Khan And Salman Khan Under Danger

Are Mahira Khan and Salman Khan are under danger Dailymotion video.

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Om Puri Acting As Zia ul Haq

Om Puri acting as Zia ul Haq Dailymotion video.

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Pakistan Launched First Submarine Cruise Missile Babur-3

Pakistan launched first submarine cruise missile Babur-3 Dailymotion video.

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8 Jan 2017

Crazy Things That Happen Only In DUBAI

Crazy things that happen only in DUBAI. Video about lifestyle in Dubai and much more about Arabic people.

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How Burma Muslims Are Being Killed - Burma Muslims Killing Video

How Burma Muslims are being killed. Killing video of Burma Muslims. How they are being treated. Video will show that how much cruelty they are facing. Share video as much as you can to support Burma.

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28 Dec 2016

Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt Caught Adjusting Dress In Public

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt caught adjusting dress in public Dailymotion video.

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Fayaz Ul Hassan Chohan's Video Message For Fazal Ur Rehman

Fayaz Ul Hassan Chohan's video message for Fazal Ur Rehman Dailymotion video. Fazal Ur Rehman's men fight with him after TV talk show. After that fight he is giving message to Fazal Ur Rehman and his men that he do not fear from them and he can fight with them. Fayaz Ul Hassan Chohan is also criticizing on him. Watch video and see.

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27 Dec 2016

Parrot Doing Tilawat Quran Pak (Viral Video)

Parrot doing Tilawat Quran Pak, viral video Dailymotion.

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How Chinese Fight With Army In 1989 (Rare Historical Video)

How Chinese man fight with his army In 1989. Rare and historical video Dailymotion. Army was going to take over. This man stopped them. Checkout what he did to stop army.

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Real Video Of PK 661 While Crash Recorded By Eyewitness

Real video of PK 661 while crash recorded by eyewitness Dailymotion video.

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Amir Liaqat Revealed Why Qatari Prince Like Houbara

Recently Qatari and Saudi prince came in Pakistan for hunting Houbara. They came in Pakistan every year in these days for hunting this bird. Amir Liaqat revealed why Qatari Prince like Houbara Dailymotion video.

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East Aleppo Residents Are Giving Message To World

East Aleppo residents are giving message to world Dailymotion video.

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US Ambassador is Giving Emotional Speech in UN East Aleppo

US ambassador is giving emotional speech in UN East Aleppo Dailymotion video.

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Shameful Activity Of Medicine Companies With Newborns

Shameful activity of medicine companies with newborns Dailymotion video.

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Junaid Jamshed Brother Omer Jamshed Media Talk After His Brother Death

Junaid Jamshed brother Omer Jamshed media talk after his brother death Dailymotion video.

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